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Resin is an incredibly versatile material that is robust, practical, and aesthetically appealing. Here at Leeds Landscapes & Driveways, we provide affordable solutions not only to residential customers but also to commercial customers. Resin has many uses as a material that can be used for a forecourt, a private road, or as a choice of paving that is visually more appealing than tarmac.

You can customise the appearance of resin in so many ways. If you’re looking for a specific colour scheme or finish, you’ll have difficulty matching the eye-catching effect of hard surfaces such as tarmac, concrete or asphalt. In addition, the resin is a highly affordable option that is much cheaper to install than the other options.

In addition, resin-bound and resin-bonded surfaces are practically maintenance-free, and the non-slip qualities associated with their rough finish ensure their safety. Since resin can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, it is an excellent material for public walkways, forecourts, parking areas, and roads. It is ideal for many commercial applications, including walkways for pedestrians, forecourts, and parking lots.

Leeds Landscapes is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality resin surfaces, and we look forward to any commercial inquiries. To find out more about what our team can complete for you, read on or call us immediately.

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At Leeds Landscape, we are happy to take on projects of any size or complexity. We offer a variety of services to our clients, including designing and building a brand-new car park, constructing a private access road, or paving a recreation area. In addition to being functional and versatile, our commercial surfaces are also aesthetically pleasing.

It is important to note that every design aspect is decided with your input; you choose the colours, finishes and layout. We are ready to offer advice and suggestions to guide you in the right direction. We can work with you to design surfaces that exceed your expectations, whether you already have a vision or need inspiration.

After considering all design options, an itemised quotation will be provided outlining all costs.

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What is the process of installing a resin surface?

Based on the surface type selected, the installation process varies. For a bound surface, aggregates are mixed with resin, applied to the surface, and troweled over for a smooth, flawless finish that is also porous. In a bonded application, the resin is applied first, and then the aggregate is scattered over the top before the resin sets.

The loose stones are then swept away, leaving a coarse finish that helps to prevent slippages. For this reason, bonded surfaces are usually better suited to paving and roads.

Can resin be used for commercial surfaces?

A resin is a highly versatile material, which can be used in a variety of commercial applications. Since it provides a natural form of filtration, it is especially beneficial for use on roads, car parks, and forecourts, where the resin stone can serve to flush out oil particles. Additionally, its extremely attractive properties make it an excellent choice for paving, courtyards, and recreational areas.

What is the weight limit for commercial resin surfaces?

Generally speaking, commercial surfaces are constructed to withstand more abuse than domestic surfaces. This is due to the fact that these surfaces are generally subjected to more weight. In contrast, our residential resin driveways are just as tough as our commercial resin surfaces. These surfaces can handle up to 30 tons of weight.


No matter which surface you choose, you can be confident that all work will be completed by our team. Leeds Ladsacapes & Driveways we are a leading choice when it comes to commercial surfaces that are constructed and designed to last. Each commercial surface is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

For instance, our resin paving is easily able to withstand heavy foot traffic. In addition, our resin-built roads, forecourts, and car parks can handle even the largest lorries. As resins are very strong and durable, these surfaces can withstand a lot of abuse.

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