An eye-catching blend of white aggregates with flecks of silver. This crisp and contemporary look complements darker border colours but is equally spectacular when used on its own.

NB Please note the mix for Alpine has been recently changed to include Sterling Silver.

Please ensure you have the latest colour sample of this product to ensure colour accuracy.

Rock Shape: Naturally round, some angular

Hardness Rating: 6.5

Ideal for: Driveways, paths and patios

Install Alpine with UVR Resin

We strongly recommend the use of UVR resin when using Alpine – or any other DALTEX Bespoke blend. The use of UVR resin as part of a resin bound system provides a range of benefits which improve the appearance and performance of the resin bound installation.

DALTEX UVR Resin is available in two sizes: DALTEX Bound UVR PLUS 7.5kg Resin and 7kg DALTEX UVR Bound Plus Resin.

DALTEX Bound UVR PLUS 7.5kg Resin is strongly recommended for this product.